Best iPhone Speaker Cleaner Apps in 2024

Best iPhone Speaker Cleaner Apps in 2024

Editorial Team, 16 Dec 2023

Looking to clean your iPhone speakers don’t worry you are at the right place. Here we will tell you how you clean speakers without any brush or any handy tools. Now in 2024 their are online available apps that can enhance vibration of iPhone speaker to clean them properly.

We know sometimes iPhone water resistance technology can’t work properly in that case we have mentioned apps that can remove water too. So be ready to use one of the app to clean iPhone loud speakers and microphone.

Clean iPhone Speaker Using iPhone Speaker Cleaner Apps

As technology is growing rapidly apps are growing too. Now you can clean dirt or water from speakers within just few clicks. Check out this list:

1. Water Eject: Speaker Cleaner

This iPhone speaker cleaner app has received a rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars with 1 rating on the App Store.

Water Eject helps fix your iPhone’s speaker by playing high/low frequency sounds and vibrations. Whether your device has been dropped in the toilet or submerged in water, this app claims to assist in removing water in less than 7 minutes. It offers two cleaning modes: Manual Cleaning and Auto Cleaning.

Water Eject Speaker Cleaner

In Manual Cleaning mode, power-users with knowledge about sound frequencies can choose the frequency that would be effective for their specific use-case. On the other hand, Auto Cleaning mode is designed for users who are not familiar with sound and vibration patterns but want to remove water from their speakers.

2. Water Eject ~ Speaker Cleaner

The no. 2 iPhone speaker cleaner app got rating  4.6 out of 5 stars with over 4.9K ratings on the App Store. It means users have praised its functionality and recommended it for fixing speaker-related problems.

It utilizes a unique method with haptic feedback and sound ejection to remove water and dust from the speaker. This app offers two wizards an automatic wizard or a manual mode with adjustments for cleaning.  Water Eject helped restore the sound quality of their speakers after water damage. Many users  appreciated the app’s effectiveness and found it useful in resolving speaker issues caused by water exposure.

Water Eject

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So this was the list of iPhone speaker cleaner apps. Hope you enjoyed reading this article and let us know your thoughts in comment section. Here we have tried to list apps that helps optimizing, cleaning and water ejaculation by using sound technology. The vibration that these apps produce from iPhone speaker helps in proper cleaning of speaker including dirt inside speakers. The outer dirt can be clean easily with handy tools but optimizing speaker is not easy. So use these apps to clean and optimize your iPhone speakers.

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