Best Retro Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming PC

Best Retro Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming PC

Editorial Team, 11 Feb 2024

Here at AVSoftlab blogs you will know the best retro mechanical keyboards listed by our expert technical writer.

We all love mechanical keyboards for their looks and firm body. But when we add retro looks in our keyboards they look more fantastic and give us retro feeling. So that’s why we are publishing this blog so you can know what are the best retro mechanical keyboards available for gaming and other work on PC.

5 Retro Mechanical Keyboards in 2024

We have curated a list of 5 mechanical keyboards so don’t have to search a lot on web and find the perfect one for your gaming PC.

1. Ltvystore Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The  designing and beauty of the Ltvystore Mechanical Keyboard makes it perfect choice as retro mechanical keyboard. It can be used on laptop and desktop as wired keyboard. For connectivity it has gold plated corrosion free USB connector, so you can do hard core gaming on it.

Ltvystore Mechanical Gaming Pink Keyboard (1)

Ltvystore Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

2. MageGee Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The MageGee Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes with 68 keys and 12 function keys. The space between it’s keys well enough to use it for gaming.
The retro design of it makes MageGee mechanical keyboard one of the best retro mechanical keyboard that can be use for gaming and office purpose. It is a wired keyboard that has connectively of usb 2.0 cable.

MageGee Portable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (1)

MageGee Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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3. STOGA Retro Mechanical Keyboard

The STOGA Retro Mechanical Keyboard has 108 keys with it. The round shape of keycaps will give you fell of retro keyboard. The RGB lights and white color of it will give you gaming vibe when you will attach it with your PC. It comes with Anti Ghosting technology that allows you to wok at fast speed on it.

STOGA Retro Mechanical Keyboard, Typewriter Keyboard (1)

STOGA Retro Mechanical Keyboard

4. E-YOOSO K600 Retro Mechanical Keyboard 

E-Yooso K600 Mechanical Keyboard comes with 104 keys and rainbow LED backlight. The retro keyboard design makes it one of the best choice when you are looking for retro mechanical keyboards. It is a wired Keyboard and available at getable price. So check out this one and let us know if you don’t like it.

E-Yooso K600 USB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (1)

E-YOOSO K600 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 104 Key

5. Hyperkin Hyper Clack Tactile Mechanical Keyboard

Hyperkin Hyper Clack Tactile Keyboard can be use on both PC and Mac. It comes with retro keyboard design and has tactile keycaps. You can easily do hardcore gaming on it.

Hyperkin Hyper Clack Tactile Mechanical Keyboard (1)

Hyperkin Hyper Clack Tactile Mechanical Keyboard

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We have provide the top 5 retro mechanical keyboards for gaming that are available to buy online. We hope we didn’t waste your time and you have found the perfect mechanical keyboard for your pc. If you have any complains or appreciation please kindly comment us down. Thanks for reading our article.

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